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"Author of Promotion teaches a generation that our promotion doesn't come from man and man's approval of our work. Dave shows us that we are leaders, even before we have the title of the promotion. It is well written, and a must read for all generations!"

"We read this book in our school of ministry as a class and it was immensely helpful to help solidify so many of our identities knowing that God really is the one promoting us and no one man can deny us that promotion. Dave brings out so many different angles on real leadership and authentic elevation from a God who isn't bogged down with titles or man's opinion, but rather our hearts position and condition before Him and the destiny He knows lies within us and before us. I can't recommend this read enough. Great book for a study group or a few friends to process together!"

"I loved this book. It is an easy, free flowing read, that will change the thoughts many have on what promotion looks like.I believe Dave King captures God's heart in this area as he teaches it's in a lifestyle of humility, abiding, and raw obedience, that you position yourself for God to propel you in the area of promotion. I also recommend having your highlighter ready, I was continually looking for one !"

"If you are a dyed-in-the-wool hierarchical conformist, don't read this book. Better yet, read it and find out what real leadership and promotion is all about. The material will trash your preconceived ideas about what leadership is all about, and you will (hopefully) come out of it with a better understanding, not only about what leadership is, but also about who you are. Your tendency might be to just skim through it, the way you usually read things. Don't! Read it; absorb it; meditate on it. Allow yourself to become vulnerable enough to let its contents re-shape your understanding of God's purpose for your position. You'll be glad you did."

Rev. Robert Rundall, D.Phil.


Discover God's promotional plan for you!

For many, promotion in life appears elusive. Those who experience a lack of promotion at their workplace, church or social structures are left with hopelessness and a deflated self-esteem. In Author of Promotion, respected businessman and renowned motivator Dave King walks you through a biblical journey that reveals God is not only the author and owner of your promotion, He is determined to promote you and the time table has more to do with you than you may think.

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