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I love the concept that you and I are on a continual path of alignment. This is in stark contrast to a life of constant re-alignment. One produces fruit, the other produces hopelessness if not addressed Alignment is a direction toward something, re-alignment is a direction back toward something.

Alignment is our steady maturity. As Holy Spirit reveals truth, our understanding increases. We are, albeit sometimes imperceptively, aligning ourselves with that revealed truth or what I like to call setting our internal compass to true north. Paul calls this our predestination to be conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29). This is a life of hope, developed perseverance, and abundance even in our wilderness times. The abundance always takes on a variety of forms; love, compassion, resources, kindness, patience etc. A life of steady alignment produces fruit that is evident to those around us. Those with whom we've been given the privilege of connecting with will all benefit from our fruit. Daniel 12 refers this as "leading many to righteousness". It's not our preaching or "witnessing" or some other holier than thou approach that shows our fruit. It is our love backed up by our deeds.

Re-alignment is a different process. It occurs as a result of continually slipping back toward old mindsets or behaviors. We all experience this to be sure though we should know if others notice the fruit of our life of alignment, they also notice the sourness of a life of constant need of re-alignment.

The words I'll be bringing this week are words intended toward your and my alignment. I believe the Holy Spirit is requiring the bride to rapidly mature in order to properly steward what has been given and what is shortly to come. More on that tomorrow.

For today, I'd ask us all to pray and ask the Father of lights for increase in wisdom, revelation and understanding. Right now, as you read this, just say this prayer or your own hybrid..

Father, I ask for wisdom, revelation and increase in understanding. Work in me, for me and for others. To Your glory and through Your name Jesus.

Further on in chapter 12, Daniel writes about the end of the age "many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedness and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.

Friends and fellow bond servants, let's commit 2018 to alignment. Let us be transformed in His image that all of creation responds to us being revealed as the children of the Most-High God.

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