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2018 - Year of maturity

Did you know that here in the northeast, it takes 80 to 100 years to grow a tree to ecological maturity? Yet as we travel south the time is progressively reduced to where it takes the same species of tree less than 40 years to mature in the Florida. The difference is length of growing season as affected by the climate.

When it comes to a believer, our maturity is impacted by our climate as well.

For day two of what I sense for 2018, I believe there is an invitation for an uptick in the pace of our maturity. This surge will require us to be intentional about our placement in favorable climates both internally and externally.

Let's consider our internal climate. Do we have any mindsets or strongholds that produce a wintry affect whereby reducing our growing season? Do we frequently feel like we are victim? Do we entertain jealousy, envy or strife? Are we consumed with a perceived life of lack? Are we easily offended? This bombardment of negative thoughts is a difficult climate for maturity. If that's us, it's 2 Cor 10 time to "take captive every thought and make (them) obedient" to Jesus. When negative thoughts are pervasive, lets counter them with a different thought. Something like "I'm a son/daughter of the Most-High God, intimate friends with His Son and my savior Jesus, empowered by Holy Spirit, and anointed to the task by which He calls my name". Let's set that truth as our internal climate!

Secondly, what is our external climate? Who do we spend most of our time with? Are they negatively or positively oriented? You can tell by the tone of the conversations. Is it frequently discussing how others are not measuring up to our standards? Is the time dominated by "woe is me" or "how my life stinks" topics? The constant bombardment of negative thoughts coming from others also negatively impacts the climate for our maturity.

In 2018, I believe God is calling for an acceleration of our maturity beyond the goofy strongholds that we have been chasing our tails on. This is a huge ME TOO. Let's be intentional about developing healthy environments internally and externally, then be a generator of healthy environments for others.

The resulting uptick in maturity will not be position or title but in an increase in wisdom and understanding that reflects our position with The One who has authority and as one who has authority.

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