Unveiled authority

I'm violating my rule about not reading other books during the intense time of writing my own book. I've been reading Jamie Galloway's Secrets of the Seer. Let me just say this book is remarkable and I highly recommend it. Jamie opens with a story about the Galloway family on vacation and being present when a young boy drowns in a lazy river at their hotel. During the ordeal and driven by compassion, Jamie began praying "Do something God, do something". Then again "Do something God, do something". As I was reading, I heard deep in my spirit "you do something" and wanted to jump into the book. Reading further Jamie recounts how he then hears from the Holy Spirit. "You do something!" Jamie immediately redirects his prayers to declarations and through the blessed name of Jesus, raises the young Adam back from the dead. True story.

It's no secret that my next body of work is entitled Jurisdictional Authority and focused on the transfer of authority from Jesus to us. I believe everyday believers ask God to do things He has given us the authority to do. His silent response is actually saying, "No, I gave you authority and I'm not taking it back". Prayers like "Father heal them", Response "No, you do it". "Father, reach them", Response "No, you do it".

In full transparency, I've been on the trail of today's word for 2018 for a couple of years now but the fullness of it has really been hitting me over the last several of months. So...here it goes.

Prophetic word for 2018

The 2018 will mark an unveiling of the authority transferred to the bride via Jesus. This is directly tied into the bride's progressive alignment with the Father's heart producing an increased pace of her maturity. These are strategically tied together. This authority is conditional and jurisdictional. Conditional to our maturity, the overall brides maturity and jurisdictional to our assignment.

This unveiling will be compassion driven.

Any self absorbed posture will limit access. Pride, arrogance, ego, self-absorption, self-preservation will not be able to go here. Unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, offenses will not be allow in.

If 2017 was a year of purification, 2018 will be a year of purity. As grace is not a substitute for purity, grace will be lifted on the elects repeated acts of rebellion. This will be done out of love for the bride and for all of creation.

2018 will be the onset of a new reformation and will be noted in pockets throughout the globe. The brides transformation is a mandate to steward this reformation. Unlike other 500 year reformations, this will not be attributed to an individual or a few individuals or even subject to a single geographic location. This will be a spontaneous eruption throughout global pockets with a focus on revealing the socially disqualified.

In 2018, pockets of religious sects will be redeemed. Religious doctrines such as Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah's witnesses and others will have blinders removed also in pockets and globally. Stories will begin to seep out.

2018 will only be the beginning. How deep and how wide this reformation goes is up to the bride and part of her transferred authority. As we begin to walk in one accord, all of creation will be made aware that heaven is happening. Our maturity in Jesus and corresponding humility will be the primary catalyst for this reform.

in 2018, wickedness will continue and understanding increase (Daniel 12).

End of prophesy.

My friends, brothers and sisters, fellow bond-servants. I ask you to consider this declaration to the Father and to the atmosphere.

I commit 2018 to maturing myself in Jesus and helping to mature the bride within the constructs of my assignment/mantle. I reject the spirits of offense, bitterness, jealousy and unforgiveness.

Father I ask for wisdom, understanding and clarity as I commit to the assignment you have given me in love. I ask for a supernatural release of the compassion DNA you have implanted in me. Father I love you and trust you. Jesus, it is in your name I abide, reside and pray.


It's gonna get wild:)

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