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2018 leadership and culture

In my book Author of Promotion I talk about the difference between great coaches and the others. While considering this for today's blog, I thought of one of my closest friends with whom I coached boys varsity basketball and girls varsity softball. By his record, my friend is one of the top coaches in Section 3, NYS . He is a great defensive coach and tactician. A man who knows a good idea when he hears one, Bill was always open to learn a nuance that would position our team for success. In short, Bill was never stuck in his own systems. He was willing to learn and apply new information to improve. If something wasn't working, we weren't gonna stubbornly keep with it. Bill is a great coach.

In 2018, I believe the church structure is going to need this type of adaptability to oversee the coming growth. Some of the adjustments is alignment. Some outright change of structure, as the generations learn how to work together. The year is going to require the older generation to consider the younger's strengths and how to best release those strengths. The younger generation will need to consider the season and maturity of the older and how to best access that maturity. Each generation needs to be alert to the enemy's attempts to divide the generations.

The key phrase for church leadership in 2018 will be "in one accord". Lance Wallnau has been trumpeting this for a couple of years now. Yet, it is not possible for global believers to be in one accord if the local church can't learn it. Unity starts with our local assembly, then to the regional alliances, then to the national, then to the global. All walking in the beauty of our differences and purpose for the glory of heaven's advancement.

As always Jesus is the model.

On Sunday night January 14 at 7:00 pm, I'd like to invite you all to tune into the Journey Center's Encounter service. I'll be teaching on "Following the apostles' teaching". This will be a practical teaching on how our corporate assemblies can utilize lessons from the book of Acts to realign our structure for the purpose of heaven to earth culture change.

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