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What is a picture worth?

Over the last few weeks I got a chance to watch my friend process the loss of his mother Sharon. Sharon went home to join "Preach" late last week. This morning, on the day of the funeral, I watched my friend doing what he does so often.

This picture speaks so much more than who this man is. It speaks of who Preach and Sharon were, who the entire family is. I met Scott in 1980, Preach and Sharon in 1987. In those 30+ years, neither Preach nor Sharon ever spoke an unkind word to me. Quite the opposite. They were always kind with their words and actions.

Kindness. That is who I know this family to be. The Tingley and Lowmaster families have always displayed the same level of kindness to me and my family. When I look into their eyes, that's what I see. Kindness. Thank you Preach, thank you Sharon, thank you Judy....thank you my dear friend, ally and partner.

I think Jesus was kind.

When I consider the legacy of Preach and Sharon, I think of the Lowmaster and Tingley families. Scott and Lisa, Scott and Judy, Lauren, Nate, Zack, Cassidy, Calyssa, Levi, Ari, Aaron, Luna, Maverick. Kind, passionate, driven, revealed sons and daughters of our Most High God, friends of Jesus, empowered by Holy Spirit. All carrying the brilliance of parents who loved so many so well.

When I see this picture, I see Preach and Sharon. I see children and grandchildren who are unafraid to role up their sleeves and do the heavy lifting. Reflections of a passion for life and people.

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