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Prophecy - Heaven's Fine Wine

You know many in our face book following may not be aware of how the kingdom of heaven uses prophesy in our every day lives. So I thought I'd start this first week of January prophetic insights into 2019 with some basics.

Far from being either a tool for apocalyptic warnings such as in Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation and more than the every day ways the Holy Spirit nudges us to encourage, edify or comfort one another (1 Cor 14). Prophecy in the form of words of knowledge is a method by which heaven promotes what is being offered to us individually, as assembled believers or culture as a whole.

While prophecy can be given to understand the past, assist in the present, and/or enlighten the future, it's important to view prophecy as Graham Cooke says from our "present fullness to our future completion. Graham is so brilliantly pointing out that we are all on our predestined path of conforming to Jesus image (Romans 8:29) and prophecy is heavens way of helping while viewing our current position with a smile that says "I know something that you don't...YOU ARE AWESOME AS YOU ARE!"

It is in this vein that I will be speaking over the next six days. As I unfold what I believe heaven is opening our eyes and ears to, let me offer two suggestions:

1. Prophetic words of knowledge always contain an element of encryption. This is intentional

to require us to utilize the Holy Spirit for correct interpretation. First ask the Holy

Spirit, are you wanting to tell me something? Then, ask what is it you want to tell me? This

requires us to look and hear deeper and allow God to speak in greater clarity to us.

2. When considering the words, look for truth. The synonym of truth is Jesus. As I'm

considering what we hear prophetically either from God directly or from others the

prism of Jesus should always be looked through. This doesn't mean we'll understand

everything immediately. Some times it takes years for words to mature, but Spirit led

prophecy is a major communication method from heaven.

I was recently cautioned by the Holy Spirit not to despise the prophetic words given to me. The word "despise" alarmed me a bit and after looking it up, I found it meant "to regard as unworthy of one's notice or consideration". Over the last several weeks, I have reviewed the words of 2018 written on this very blog and available at It is truly remarkable the intense accuracy that was provided and yet somehow I missed the opportunity to utilize the words as they were intended. Lesson learned...I hope.

So, for the next 6 days, sit back and have a glass of this new wine, Ask the Holy Spirit "what are you speaking to me?" I promise He is speaking something.

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