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Day 3 - The gift of our team

You may notice a theme for yesterdays and todays blog. The Lord impressed the importance of team several weeks ago but last Saturday morning He gave me such a big piece. I had been unashamedly looking for heavens confirmation on a number of critical zones in my life. Through a lengthy feeling of heavens lack of response I became a bit louder in urgency. This began to manifest by me pointing out to God that even Jesus had doves descend, angels minister and at least one face time meeting with Moses and Elijah. So, says I to God, where's mine?

Last Saturday morning at 0500 I was laying in bed talking to God about his very topic This 2 hour and 20 minute session was interrupted first by a phone call from my friend Charlie at 7:20. Being I fully in discussion mode with God, i didn't take the call. Then at 7:22 my friend Debbie texted me. She was reading a scripture and the Lord told her to tell me a particular run of scripture was for me. I guess God figured if He coulnd't interrupt me with a call from Charlie, Debbit was up. After her first text containing the scripture, she backed it up with another text that said "I believe in you". I responded "Wow, Deb, thanks so much. I needed to hear that. I need to hear it from Heaven too". Then i said "check that...need from heaven is too strong. I strongly desire to hear that from heaven". I hadn't quite awoken to the truth of just what God was doing.

I then called Charlie back. Charlie answered immediately with a laugh. He was driving an hour and twenty minutes from Jacksonville to have breakfast with our mutual friend Don, who was on vacation. He suddenly had found himself enveloped in a thick fog. Asking God "Now what do I do, I"m gonna be late to breakfast?". God replied "Do what Dave is doing". "What's Dave doing?" Charlie asked. "Dave is speaking into his fog, and the breath from his words is clearing a path for him to see clearly."

In all transparency, I had no idea what God was talking about. Frankly, I think that was more a message for Charlie than for me. Yet there was a huge message for me too. I was petitioning heaven for some face time, even if it was with doves, angels or Elijah and Moses. I would be been super happy with John the Baptist, Joshua, or even Simon the Zealot. And you know what? God sent them. Their name was Debbie and Charlie.

I believe in 2019, God's strategic placement of those around us is going to be a major enhancement to our walking in purpose and position. There will be frequent times we will be calling out to God and He will answer through the one standing next to us. It will require us to see one another correctly - as God sees us.

There is more. Prophetically speaking to our own circumstances, cities and regions is great stuff. But if we won't take the time to listen and prophecy one to another, our gift is less than useless. It puts us alone on islands and is prideful. This is as dangerous for me to write as it is for you to hear. Remember my first blog of 2019. Search for truth in all of this. Truth and Jesus are synonyms.

I have some homework for each of us on this blog. Consider one of your inner circle of friends and ask heaven for a word for them. When you hear it, deliver it. It may well be just the word they have been petitioning heaven for.

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