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Day 5 - 2019 Year of Growth

If 2018 was a year of rapid maturity, 2019 will be a year of rapid growth. Those who have been faithful to the sacrifice of maturity, will see the most dramatic shifts. I believe the growth will be most noted in two areas. FIrst, rapid growth will occur in areas in which we have experienced great personal struggle. We will learn this struggle was not as self-inflicted as we once thought, though perhaps the struggle was exacerbated by our immaturity. The struggle itself was designed by our adversary to take us out or slow us down. In 2019, that mission of the enemy will fail. Secondly, growth will occur in areas we never saw coming. But once it does come, we will see how God's master plan had been unfolding all along. This growth will come as a surprise and answer a hidden curiousity held deep within our spirit. This growth is God saying, I have been waiting until this precise time to release this in you son/daughter. I have chosen this moment in perfection. The reason I have waited is not your business, it is Mine. I will show you more in my timing; says the Lord.

For some, growth will be in realized purpose. The result will be you released into your destiny purpose. This will also release the illusive peace you have been desperately seeking. It is your intense hunger I have responded to; says the Lord.

For some, growth will be financial. You have been living in shame due to your poor financial stewardship. Yet, the Lord sees your heart, sees your repentance, sees your hunger and sees your maturity in the stewardship realm. The Lord will release rapid growth to you financially. Go and sin no more; says the Lord.

For some, growth will be in development of relationships that have been tremendously strained. He has seen your heart and heard your cries. Receive healing and forgive easily. He will open doors that have previously been closed. Through and for HIs glory, inner circles will be restored.

For some growth will be in realized position. You will see dramatic and tangible results in your declarations and prayers. He will increase your position as a dispenser of hope and gentle justice throughout your circles. For some of you, your growth in this area will spread throughout the globe.

For senior leaders and five fold ministers you will see growth in your understanding of heaven's design for you and your leadership teams. Some of you will see new leadership structural designs. Some of you will see stagnation break off your leadership teams. You will discover the stagnation was not self inflicted, but from a demonic influence using atmospheric interference to cause dullness and apathy. In 2019, that interfering fog will lift.

For some, you will see equipped and trained leaders come in the doors and join your family. This will be the hand of God moving rejected kingdom servants to receptive environments and filling voids from those who have rejected the assignments in house. For some of you, growth will come in the form of a dramatic release from your current assignment as God says, well done. Now I need you elsewhere. There will be some very senior leaders that fit this profile but only if you have been faithful to train, equip and empower your replacements. For you, be cautious to remain under authority.

2019 will see greatness unveiled in the most unlikely of vessels.


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