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Mourning the past (story of the woman who saved many from sex trade)

Each of us have a past that has actions or words that we have grown to regret. Many if not most of us have committed some acts that have cost ourselves and others greatly. This is a huge me too. Personally, I like to live a bit fast. Pedal to the metal at a speed that can outpace my brain or natural human tendency toward self preservation. As such, I've gone headlong into projects or initiatives without adequately counting the cost and both me and my family has paid a cost for it.

During the course of our lives, each of us will have plenty of experience with our own goofy behavior. Justified when we do it but way out of bounds when we reflect later and generally after paying the cost. The result of these types of poor decisions has caused suffering in relationships, circumstances or financial losses. I'm talking real legitimate pain here in ourselves and in others. This kind of pain can cause us to be in extended periods of mourning the action and result of the action.

Please listen to me. The season for mourning those costly mistakes of the past is past. You have repented and been through the ringer for the mistake. It's time to stop with the guilt and shame. It's time to go and simply go to work fulfilling all God has offered for us to be and do.

I'm reminded about a story in the bible of a woman who was caught in the act of adultery with several men. Many headers in our bibles call the story "the woman caught in the act of adultery"; or "the adulterous woman". The labels of that story really bother me. They completely undermine the purpose of the story. I prefer to label that story "how Jesus deals with our goofiness".

Jesus kindness toward our sister is only further exampled by how He kindly turned away her accusers ( "those of you without sin cast the first stone"). Holy Spirit of conviction intervenes, crowd disperses. Jesus asks "woman (insert your name here) where are your accusers?". "They have left" you reply. Jesus -"Neither do I accuse you".

It's noteworthy that Jesus removed her accusers before finishing the work within her and is a lesson for all of us. First, we do not want to be standing holding the rocks, second sometimes we simply need to be removed from our accusers so we can adequately hear the words of Jesus.

I love it that Jesus finished with "Go" releasing her into her destiny and prophesied to her to "sin no more". I wish we could see what she ended up doing with her life after this encounter. To me, I envision the story header reading "the woman who saved many from sex trade".

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