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Surf's Up - Part 3 (Prophetic Word for 2020 - raising up rocks)

All told I watched the surfer's on Huntington Beach for about 8 hours over three mornings. As I observed and contemplated, many anecdotes "floated" around in my mind as prophetic waves were provided by the Holy Spirit. There were as many differences among surfers as there are among our peoples. Differences in age, social class, gender, race, skill level, and I'm sure every other way culture seems to want to divide us, but there was one thing they all had in common - they were all in the water.

Prophetic word for 2020:

2020 enters the epoch season of reconciliation. All the dividers used to separate us are being exposed to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Heaven is offering in crystal clarity what Paul speaks about in Ephesians 2 "There is now no enmity between those where are far off and those who are near". There is no enmity because we are all brothers and sisters reconciled to heaven and to one another through the actions of one man. The one man who took the enmity on Himself. The reconciliation will be for the great masses who will be reconciled.

The elect will arise with diverse but impactful lives. Uncommon favor will pave a return of signs and wonders - outside our traditional walls. Waves of joyous lives will replace feelings of drudgery for those who get in the water. Blind eyes will see, deaf ears will hear. The old will pass away to the new. The older brother has had a heart change and he is going to the pigpen to offer his share of an inheritance that has no end to a prodigal brother. Many will come home to an awaiting Father.

In 2020, there are those who consider themselves near who still abide by the law of enmity. These know how to be offended, know how to sow division, experts in what they disagree with, an elitist mentality that elevates themselves and refuses fellowship with those they consider ignorant. They point to problems but offer no help or solutions. These walk by their own intuition yet consider it discernment of spirits. "Seeing they don't percieve, hearing they don't understand". Credit seekers, their's is a ministry of competition and personal edification, they court glory and honor for themselves. Humility is despised. Their lack of real personal accountability structure will lead to lives of irrelavance despite their vain efforts. Redeemable, this is God's great grace and mercy at work. For this is an age of reconciliation. Repent and turn! Get into the water!

Because of His great love for creation and the many who consider themselves near yet do not heed the voice of the Lord, God will begin to raise up rocks. Through "damascus road" type interventions, He will enhace the elect in this epoch season of reconciliation with those who have been far away but are now near. They will begin to speak the gospel of the kingdom with a gentle language culture can hear. This is no Jesus-less gospel. He has responded to a cry of His elect "Lord, send us workers". These will not be self absorbed, self promoters, but those who the spirit of the Lord is upon and annointed them to bind wounds and many will rise to be a national voice of reconciliation. Jesus name will be on their lips and creation will listen.

Yes, a backlash is coming. The counterfeiter is already at work, for the adversary was listening to heaven this last season. But not yet.

This is an epoch of reconciliation.

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