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What if time stood still?

I'm not a fan of conversations that start with "I know you are busy but". For some reason being called busy gives me the feeling like I am over-committed. That somehow haven't stewarded my time well and hence am feverishly working to catch up to an over abundance of saying yes. So I correct the "I know your are busy" statement with "I'm not busy, I"m intentional", relaying to the listener that I have a super power of time management.

But as intentional as I think I am, I still consistently have a larger to-do list than I have time to complete. Then along comes Covid-19. I'm living in a self-quarantine due to having a significantly reduced immune system. Our schools have closed, our elected officials are recommending smaller and smaller group gatherings, and suddenly my life of travel and progress hits a massive stop sign.

Only a madman would ever suggest that any virus or catastrophe is an act of God. It is not at any level. Covid-19 is an unwelcome dangerous virus that is causing a great deal of suffering. Most certainly, now is the time to put aside our differences and relearn how to be family.

For those of us that C-19 has yet been but an irritant, we have an opportunity to consider the clock has stopped ticking for a few weeks, or at least slowed down. My wife and I are both confined to working at home, a true blessing. Our youngest daughter will be at home with us, a true blessing. Our oldest, also confined to working from home, may join us this week, a true blessing. I'm able to address projects that I've had on simmer for some time, including my second book, a true blessing. My professional work can progress in ways that have been slow to grow due to the amount of travel. How many hours just got granted to us?

In crises, we get to dispense with our own ideology and preferences and unite in purpose and tone. We can stop the judging one another because one may share a different viewpoint or have a different style. Who among us can judge another simply by their actions? Where some may call self-quarantine acting in fear, others may call it submitting to authority. Where some may call stocking up on grocery and household items fear, others may call it wise preparation. What some call playing down hypothetical scenario's reckless, others may call helping keep calm. When we guess at what others are thinking, we frequently guess wrong.

Here in America we live in a political climate where both parties refuses to view the actions of the other in a positive way. The disdain is palpable and we all can feel it. But my friends, we don't have to play that game. WE THE PEOPLE can and should dictate the atmosphere. In this season, let us unite in a common bond of family, despite our differences. Perhaps we can even learn to celebrate our differences.

How many hours have just been given back? Use it wisely my friends.

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