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Foundations of honor

Greetings my dear friends. I'm going to start this post a little raw but hang with me. It will end well.

Many of you know I'm the Executive Director of the HeartSupport Foundation (, an organization intent on CHANGING an atmosphere that has promoted suicide as an option; that there is no way out of addiction; that says gang/gun violence is just part of our national fabric; that says human trafficking too underground for us to do something about.

Collectively, every time we lose a son/daughter to suicide, addiction, violence, or human theft, we are losing our child, our brother, our sister! Every loss is a son and daughter in our collective family If we check the graphs that demonstrate the worse case scenario's of the pandemic of COVID 19, then compare them to the annual stats of suicide, addiction, murder and human theft we may be compelled to pull our collective heads out of the sand. Perhaps as we "level the graph" on this devastating virus, our nation can put the same vigor toward saving our kids.

It is apparent that our national leaders, supported by a media bent on exploiting any potential controversy, have succumbed to a narrative of disrespect and dishonor. Changing this national narrative will take a groundswell of people at the grassroots level. People who reject the notion that disrespect and dishonor are an acceptable way of viewing one another. We may not be the architect of our cultural divisions, but we have been along for the ride. I'm going to ask us all to get off that ride.

I want to suggest that it's time for the "division ride" to end, and it is up to you and I to end it. I will offer a series of blogs suggesting lifestyle adjustments that will begin to change the way we view one another and allow us to find common ground even in disagreement.

Topics will include:

  • It's a family affair

  • Our internal atmosphere

  • Behavior versus motive

  • Building Trust

  • Politics and religion

I'm really looking forward to us engaging one another with foundations of honor and respect, even where we disagree. Let us reconcile one to another. Our friendship is important and our kids are watching.

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